New York Liquor License

Here you will find information about New York liquor license procedures.

No matter what type of business you would like to open, if you will be dealing with alcoholic drinks, chances are you will need a New York liquor license. Even something as simple as transporting alcohol will require a license. There are many license types, each with its own privileges and restrictions. It is therefore a good idea to get familiar with the type of licenses that will be needed for this process.

As always, please consult one of our experts before starting the process.

Basic Licensing Categories

Here is a list of basic beer, wine or liquor license categories. This will give you the basics of what is required in most situations. Because of rules imposed by the state of New York as well as local municipalities, the type of license you need might change from the basic categories presented.

Licenses are often broken down into two categories: On premises and Off premises. If you are looking to have your customers drink alcoholic beverages in your establishment then you are an On Premises license. If you are looking to do anything else that does not require clients drinking in your establishment then you are an Off Premises license.

On Premises licenses break down into the following categories:

  • Restaurant Wine
  • Eating Place Beer
  • Bar License
  • Cabaret

For Off Premises you have the following:

  • Grocery or Drugstore Beer
  • Grocery or Drugstore Beer and Wine
  • Liquor Store License

There are other categories and you should call us with your specific situation. No matter what type of New York liquor license you choose, it is important to understand what can disqualify you from obtaining a license. There are many conditions but here are three basic ones:

  • Under 21
  • Police officer with arresting powers
  • Conviction of a crime